Culottes are popping almost everywhere this season and I’m not unhappy about it. I don’t own a pair at the moment but after looking through the different styles that different stores are carrying and the pairs some girls are wearing on Instagram, I will definitely be investing in a pair. I’m on the short side (5″3, 5″3 and a half on a good day lol) so finding the right fit will be important, otherwise they will make me look a lot shorter. Years ago, and I mean at least 10, I think, I used to own the greatest pair that I wore over and over again. I have been looking for photographic proof and have yet to find a photo of me wearing them but if I do, I will definitely be posting it for you guys to see. The ones I wore were not so wide legged but were definitely part of the culotte family. Remembering how much I loved to wear them during the warmer months, makes me excited to buy a pair to wear this summer.
I have found some great pairs, at great prices if you are feeling adventurous and looking for a pair to purchase.


asos green pattern culottes

closeup green asos culottes

ASOS Wide Culottes in Graphic Print co-ord


asos pattern culottes

closeup asos pattern culottes

Whistles Sekka Culottes in Floral Print

There are some amazing patterns and colored ones that would be fun for nights out and summer parties. There were so many to choose from but these two were some of my favorites.


banana republic white culottes

back view banana republic culottes


black banana republic culottes

Sleek Wide-Leg Gaucho Pant

These two pairs are great for work and would look perfect at the office.


joe fresh khaki culottes

Joe Fresh Pleat Culottes


joe fresh black culottes

Joe Fresh Culottes

Finally, these last two pairs are great for casual day looks. The green khaki pair are a favorite of mine and if I can find them in Canada they will probably be the pair I purchase for myself.