Roller Lash

I recently was given a sample of the new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara at my local Sephora. I love Benefit products, especially their mascaras. Let me say this mascara was even better than I had heard it was.



The mascara comes in a cute package with a pink rubber lid (my little guy likes to nibble on it if he gets a hold of it).



The wand has a curved head with rubber bristles which I am usually not crazy about but with this mascara I love it. It really lengthens my lashes. I still use an eyelash curler because I want the curl to last all day but this helps to hold the curl longer and intensifies it.

I wear contact lenses so I tend to be a bit pickier with the mascaras I buy, mainly because if my lashes get too hard the mascara can flake off and get into my eyes and irritate the lenses. This one doesn’t dry out my lashes or flake off onto my face or into my eyes during the day. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing pieces of my mascara sitting below my eyes or on my cheeks.



I read some of the reviews online and the main complaint people had about this mascara was that it caused clumps and spider lashes. I didn’t have these problems unless I applied too much of the mascara and even then, because the wand’s bristles are spaced out so nicely, I could usually comb through my lashes to get rid of any small clumps that I had.

All in all, I really loved this mascara and I have already bought a second tube of it. I highly recommend!