Sun Obsessed

I’m super picky when it comes to sunglasses because I really don’t like how a lot of them look on my face. While my tried and true will always be RayBan Aviators, I have slowly started branching out and trying new styles (usually sticking to the RayBan brand, which suit me the best). That doesn’t stop me from seriously lusting after the trendy styles of the moment and there are so many amazing pairs right now. I will definitely be trying some of these on before ruling any out. Fingers crossed!


1: Dior ‘Split’ 2: Dior ‘So Real’ 3: RayBan Rounded 4: Miu Miu Round 5: Miu Miu Aviator 6: RayBan Retro 7: Miu Miu Mock 8: Dior Technos


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