Vest Obsessed

While I am not a fan of the colder weather, I do love fall clothing and vests are some of my favorite layering items. Simple puffer vests are not only warm but go so well with so many different outfits. I may have one too many but since I wear them so much during the fall I don’t feel too bad about my collection. I put together a group of this season’s colors and styles for you. Which is your favorite?


1- Jcrew Factory Printed Quilted Puffer Vest
2- Jcrew Excursion Quilted Down Vest
3- Old Navy Women’s Quilted Zip Vest Chambray Print
4- Old Navy Women’s Quilted Zip Vest Forest Floor
5- Banana Republic Quilted Field Vest
6- Jcrew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest
7- Old Navy Women’s Quilted Vest Red Check
8- SAM. Camo Freedom Vest